Average Salary in Barcelona: Everything you must know

Salario medio en Barcelona

Are you looking for to know the average salary in Barcelona?

If you’re thinking about moving into Barcelona, it’s very likely that you’ve thought about job applications and therefore the salary.

In this article from Bcn Advisors, we’re going to guide you through some topics that you might find interesting about the average salary in Barcelona. Let’s start!

How much is the minimum salary wage in Barcelona

When it comes to the minimum wage, we will take as a reference the salary of 2023, since the government increases the amount every year and, therefore, that alters the cost of living in Barcelona. About this year, the minimum is close to €1,100, which makes it a minimum of €13,200 per year.


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We recommend checking it every year since, as we’ve mentioned, it varies each and every year. 

How much does it cost to live in Barcelona

cost of living in barcelona

We have already talked in another article about the reasons why living in Barcelona is your best option, but it is true that, while it is true that there are many advantages to living in the city, that also means that there are certain expenses that we have to deal with.

And there are many things that can change and vary the different costs of living: having children, moving alone… So we will guide you through some of the most common expenses you will have if you decide to move to Barcelona with family or children, friends or as a couple.

Normal expenditures living in the city of Barcelona


cost of rent in barcelona

We all have to pay rent when we move to another city, even if it is in a shared apartment or if we buy it on our own. And it is quite common that, if you come to live in Barcelona as an expatriate, you choose this option, so keep in mind the following aspects:

– If we share an apartment, we will pay between 300 and 700 euros, depending on how big it is, how many people live in it and the location of the apartment. If, on the other hand, you are in the previous step and you are looking to know how to look for and find an apartment in Barcelona, we also have an article where we explain everything.

– If we want an apartment in very central areas of the city (such as living in Gracia or living in Poblenou), we may have to pay the minimum wage, about 1,100 euros. Although also something far from the center, but that is super quiet, is to make a bet to live in Pedralbes or live in Sarrià. They are 2 of the best areas to live in Barcelona, (as they belong to the upper area of Barcelona), where the quality of life is the best in the Catalan city. Obviously, it is where you will find the best luxury apartments in Barcelona. Although if you are a fan of the views and you like to live in a house where the protagonist is the terrace, then you should take a look at our incredible luxury penthouses in Barcelona, and if you do not just decide on any, one of our expert real estate agents in Barcelona, will help you find your ideal home among all that we have.

– On the other hand, if we want to save some money, and we don’t really mind that the apartment is far away from the center, we can find flats from 800 to €1,000

*The prices of the apartments are of flats of 2 bedrooms, and the price is a monthly payment (rent).

You can find different prices depending on the place you look at. We recommend making a list of requirements that the apartment you need must have, and in case you plan to stay for a few years, it is time for you to start looking at luxury houses and mansions in Barcelona, and choose to enjoy the stay in the Catalan city in the most comfortable and luxurious way possible.

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coste supermercado en barcelona

Again, as we’ve mentioned before, the prices depend on how many people live with us. The prices are an approximation, it might vary depending on the place you shop, or how many things you buy. These are some rough estimates:

– Living alone: You can get all your weekly groceries for less than €50 a week.

– Couples: You both can eat for less than €100 a week.

– Families (2 kids): You all can eat for about €125 a week.

We also have to think about those days we want to eat outside on a beautiful terrace, and also the things that are not food, example: Cleaning products, food for pets, etc.

Monthly payments and utilities

coste mantenimiento casa en barcelona

We also have to take into consideration some other expenses that happen on a monthly or bimonthly in Barcelona.

The water can be paid bimonthly, and, again, the amount of money that we get charged by this, will depend on how many people live at the apartment, how much water, the place you live in, etc.  Normally, this will vary between 30 – €50 every month.

The gas will also depend on many factors, not the ones we’ve mentioned before, although they may also interfere with the gas expenditure. We mean how much you turn on the heat of water, how long you have your heater in the winter, fans in the summer, those kinds of things.

If you have to set a budget, we would say to save around 60-€70 per person living at the house. 

We can’t forget the monthly payments, like Wi-Fi, mobile, TV, all those sorts of things. We can get the most basic plans for as cheap as €30. If you want something better, you might have to pay a little bit more.

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Other expenses

As we might have realized, Barcelona is not a cheap city to live in. You have to organize your money and set budgets for different activities. We’ve gone through the most general expenses, but we also have to think about:

– Gas, if we have to commute, or we want to take the car or motorcycle.

– Public transport tickets, there are many options so, if you’re going to get the metro or any means of public transport, you can check the different packs you might save some money by getting.

It might be overwhelming reading all of these different things that we have to know and watch out for, but simply by setting a budget and knowing how to organize the money and where you spend it, it can be quite easy having a peaceful life with an average salary in the beautiful city of Barcelona. 

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