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About us

Bcn Advisors was founded in 2005 to satisfy the needs of the most demanding buyers and sellers in the market, by providing them with the highest standards of quality and advisory services. Our team of young professionals come from different business segments that bring a fresh and innovative perspective to our real estate services. Another essential element that differentiates our services is the use of Proptech and new technologies, which provide us with a competitive advantage when positioning our services with both buyers and sellers.
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15 years of experience in the real estate sector

Our beginnings
Bcn Advisors´ successfully met the great challenge of combining our young professionals experience in areas such as marketing, economics, innovation and technology, and merging all of their processes, working methods, services and tools. Our great efforts over these years have allowed Bcn Advisors to become one of the leading companies on the luxury real estate market in Barcelona.
In spite of our privileged position, we need to maintain ongoing efforts to improve our work philosophy and quality of service. We aim at constantly improving our client satisfaction, advisory services and listings. Our goal is to further develop our work philosophy, based on:
Sobre nosotros
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Our philosophy

based on:

  • Engagement and dedication
  • Effectiveness in our operations and deals
  • Highest standards of service and advice
  • Careful selection and presentation of real estate products
  • Comprehensive understanding of the real estate market
  • Innovative processes backed by new industry technology

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