How to look for and find a flat in Barcelona

how to look for a flat in barcelona

Do you still don’t know how to look for a flat in Barcelona? Are you coming to live and work in Barcelona and need to find a flat in Barcelona that meets your needs?

At Bcn Advisors we advise you and help you to find everything you are looking for in housing so that you feel 100% comfortable in your new home.

To make your search easier, we provide you with a wide range of tips that you can follow to filter through all the neighbourhoods of Barcelona. Barcelona is also sometimes good to talk about some of the areas that make up the city of Barcelona, in order to get to know each of its neighbourhoods and districts better. We have already talked about some of them in other articles, such as those of

Here we go!


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The metropolitan city of Barcelona

The metropolitan area of Barcelona consists of no more and no less than 36 municipalities. It is one of the most populated areas in Europe and occupies a strategic and unbeatable position in the south of Europe.

Living in Barcelona is, in other words, quality of life, as there are many neighbourhoods to explore and in each and every one of them you can enjoy a variety of activities. The Catalan capital ranks as one of the best cities in the world because of all it has to offer, such as safety and fairness. Not to mention the highly valued Mediterranean climate that allows this city to consist of green areas and plenty of local food.

The main characteristics enjoyed by all the inhabitants of Barcelona are the following:

Good climate.
Variety of neighbourhoods.
Multi cultural.
Good gastronomy.
Many educational centres.
Social cohesion.
Natural spaces.

What do you think, do you dare to come and find a flat in Barcelona? If your answer is a resounding yes, you can’t miss our guide to find your ideal flat, whether you are looking for luxury flats for sale in Barcelona or buying a luxury home.


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Guide on how to find a flat in Barcelona

If you still don’t know how to find a flat in Barcelona, we provide you with a highly efficient and detailed guide that will help you filter and decide to find your new home. Don’t miss it: how to find a flat in Barcelona in 5 steps!

1. Close to work

Having your work close to your home is essential for everyone. For this reason, we recommend that, with the help of a map (physical or virtual), you locate your work.

Discard those neighbourhoods that are too far away and circle the neighbourhoods around your work. What do you think of them? If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the neighbourhoods around you, you can choose another neighbourhood from the ones you have discarded, although you will of course have to spend more time driving or using public transport.

Make a list of your chosen neighbourhoods and rank them in order of preference (1 being your favourite neighbourhood). All set? Let’s move on to the next step.

2. Connection

It is very important, especially in a city as big as Barcelona, to be well connected, whether it is for work, school, visiting the family?

Fortunately, Barcelona has an extensive public transport network with buses, railways, metro and train, so it is very difficult for the area you have chosen to be poorly connected.

However, we recommend that you do some research on public transport stops in the area.

If any of the neighbourhoods selected above do not have a good connection to the places you frequent, we recommend that you discard them.

3. Services, health centre or schools

This is the most important point, or at least one of the most important. Who doesn’t get sick at some point and need medical attention?

Having a health centre nearby is extremely important so that, in case of emergency, we can feel safe.

On the other hand, if you have children, it is also very important for you as a parent to have a school nearby so that you can drop them off and go to work or do any chores, such as going to the gym or shopping.

Search the selected neighbourhoods for information about health centres, schools and any other services you may require.

If all the remaining neighbourhoods on your list have a similar number of schools and other services, avoid discarding any of them. Otherwise, you know what to do.

4. Leisure and culture

Many people love leisure and culture. Luckily, in a city like Barcelona there are many neighbourhoods that stand out for their unique venues dedicated to providing fun and happiness to their customers.

If you usually go to leisure and cultural events and you don’t want to stop doing so, filter the neighbourhoods on your list for venues and events of interest.

In case you are looking for a more relaxed area, don’t skip this step because if a neighbourhood is extremely nocturnal, you might want to eliminate it from your list.


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5. Search and find with the best real estate agency

Now that you have filtered Barcelona’s neighbourhoods, which are the ones you still have to choose from, and what are the pros and cons of each of them?

In other articles we have already talked about some of them in more depth: such as living in the Sarrià neighbourhood or living in Pedralbes (labelled as the upper area of Barcelona), living in Poblenou (the new Silicon Valley of Barcelona), or others where parties and tapas are a big hit, such as living in Gràcia.

Deciding on one is very complicated, so we recommend you look for a real estate agency specialising in the Barcelona area. Look for a real estate agency that has experience and can offer you reliability. The help of professionals will make your next home in Barcelona perfect for you and your loved ones.

Wait, here’s an idea… How about leaving it to us? We have been helping to find and sell luxury flats and houses all over Barcelona for many years. In addition, our real estate advisors carry out a specific study for each client.

At Bcn Advisors we always advise you to find your ideal property!

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