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BCN Advisors proudly presents an elevated living experience with lofts in Barcelona, the pulsating heart of artistry and culture. Dive into unparalleled elegance with lofts for sale in Barcelona, spaces that seamlessly blend urban sophistication with the city’s rich tapestry of history. Join us, and stake your claim in Barcelona’s vibrant skyline.

2 Luxury Lofts to buy in Barcelona City


Special loft with terrace in a listed building between El Born and Eixample

This loft is located at the convergence point between the Born and the Eixample, very close to Plaza Urquinaona and Plaza Catalunya. It therefore has all the amenities of...
Area: 121 Terrace: 40 m² Area: Born Type: Lofts Reference: BCN072288557
  • superficie interior 121 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 2
  • baños disponibles 2
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Refurbished industrial style 3-storey loft just a few metres from the beach

This wonderful refurbished triplex loft of 140 sqm is located in an old restored factory, so it’s characterised by a New York style industrial design. It’s located next to...
Area: 140 Area: El Poble Nou Type: Lofts Reference: BCN060598966
  • superficie interior 140 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 2
  • baños disponibles 2
  • parking disponible Yes
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    Guide to buying luxury lofts in Barcelona with Bcn Advisors

    Lofts are one of the current trends in major cities around the world and Barcelona is no exception. These open-plan properties with a wide space offer a unique lifestyle without sacrificing the comforts. They are becoming more and more common in exclusive areas of the city and if you are interested in buying a loft in Barcelona, Bcn Advisors will be your guide for the highest standard during the process.

    What are lofts? Features and use of space

    The lofts are homes with one main feature: the space is wide and there is no room division by walls. This open concept allows the creation of different environments that are connected to each other and create an almost 100% personalized distribution or their owners. In addition, it turns the lofts into incredibly luminous properties, since light enters from all corners without walls that obstruct it, also thanks to the large windows, another sign of identity of the lofts. It's an aspect that gives a total splendour to the house and that will make us feel much more comfortable in it.

    These qualities don't mean that the loft necessarily has to be a fully open space. A division can also be done to clearly mark different environments, such as the bedroom. These, in any case, stand out because they are not the usual ones, using partitions that do not reach the ceiling or glass panels. In this sense, lofts usually also have exposed installations on the ceiling, such as air conditioning and heating ducts, columns, brick walls, etc.

    Another identifying feature of lofts is their high ceilings, which even allow for the creation of mezzanines or intermediate floors to increase space. These are also perfect for locating the bedrooms without breaking the clear aesthetics of the house.

    The freedom and creativity of a loft

    As symbols of modernity and avant-garde, the lofts reflect a current lifestyle marked by freedom at all times and constant renewal. Their barrier-free structure allows them to adapt immediately to the needs of each moment. Changing the location of the different rooms, creating a workspace from home in times of teleworking, organizing the different storage spaces as desired, etc. The possibilities are as many as you can imagine.

    Buying a loft in Barcelona with Bcn Advisors will allow you to create a unique and personal environment with a marked character in areas like Ciutat Vella, following the most current decoration trends. One of them is the industrial style, which complements perfectly with lofts and will give your home a fantastic touch of class and distinction.

    How to buy an exclusive loft with Bcn Advisors

    If you are attracted by the idea of buying a loft in Barcelona, at Bcn Advisors we have several exclusive properties in different areas of the city. We will be delighted to advise you and offer you the best alternatives to enjoy a unique home in the heart of the city.

    Before starting, it's advisable to check what budget you have available and if you need to look for financing. In that case, we advise you to start contacting different banks to find out about the different types of mortgages and their requirements, as well as the amount of the loan to ensure that you are looking for properties that are within your means.

    Bcn Advisors will be with you throughout the process, the viewings and advising you when the time comes to negotiate the price and conditions with the owner. It also acts as an intermediary and is present at the signing of the most important documents.

    Frequently Asked Questions about buying high-end lofts in Barcelona city


    In which areas of Barcelona can I buy a loft with Bcn Advisors?

    In the most common are areas where factories used to be located, such as Poblenou or El Born, but we also have lofts in Eixample or Sant Martí.

    What is the Energy Efficiency Certificate of a property?

    It's an official document that informs about the efficiency in the electrical consumption and the polluting emissions that are caused by the normal use of the house, in a scale of letters that goes from A (more efficient) to F (less efficient).

    What are deposits in the purchase process?

    It's a previous contract between buyer and seller, in which the purchaser normally pays 10% of the agreed price. The contract summarises the final price agreed, the conditions of purchase and the date of the public deed at the notary's office.

    What advantages does Bcn Advisors offer me to buy a loft in Barcelona?

    We have an excellent product, a high quality service and a flawless professional advice.