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Why invest in Barcelona?

Throughout Bcn Advisors 15 years of real estate experience we have developed an extensive national and international network of owners and clients.

This allows us to offer great opportunities of investment, obtaining a real and sure profitability in Barcelona city. We focus on investment and profitability properties such as the buildings to be refurbished, both residential and commercial, offices, premises, hotels and other kind of tertiary real estate assets.

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The investment team at Bcn Advisors specialises in investment and financial products, with a high capacity for market analysis.

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Hotels and buildings for sale in Barcelona

Since 2014, Barcelona has shown a sharp increase in demand for investment properties. Now is the time to invest in Barcelona.

The interest has gradually turned from offices to hotels, following the increase in tourism and the wide appeal of Barcelona, placing the city as one of the most attractive to visit in Europe, after London and Paris, attracting more than 7.5 million tourists annually. This tourist demand has led to a surprising increase in the use change of office buildings to hotels, contributing to lowering the rate of office vacancies in the city. This phenomenon has also been transferred to obsolete buildings now destined for the hotel activity so demanded by the sector.

Another of the most demanded kinds of real estate are commercial premises, especially those located in high street, as well as shopping malls. In this sector, battles have arisen between major brands, always competing for the greatest traffic areas, and seeking to expose their brands through new experiences for the consumer that mark the difference respect to competitors.

If you would like to sell or purchase a property, or launch an investment project in Barcelona, please contact us.




Frequently Asked Questions about luxury real estate investments in Barcelona

What kind of real estate investments does Bcn Advisors offer?

Our product portfolio includes residential and office buildings, both new and to be refurbished, as well as commercial premises.

In which areas of Barcelona do you specialise?

We work in the most exclusive prime areas of the city, such as Eixample, Zona Alta (Sarrià – Sant Gervasi, Pedralbes and Gràcia), Poblenou and Diagonal Mar.

How does Bcn Advisors work in the real estate investment market?

We specialise in investment and financial products, with a high capacity for market analysis and a large network of national and international contacts.

Can I get the Spanish residence with a real estate investment?

The law allows non-EU citizens to obtain a Visa Residency by investing a minimum of 500,000 euros in properties in Spain.

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