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Bcn Advisors has a wide listing of luxury properties for sale in the most prestigious areas of Barcelona. Here you can find fantastic flats near the city centre, stunning penthouses or beautiful villas, among many others. Our real estate agency aims to offer the best selection of luxury homes in Barcelona for our buying customers, attending to their needs and supporting them throughout the purchasing process.

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Featured properties for sale Barcelona


Fabulous and quiet refurbished apartment with terrace in Eixample

Area: 106.69 Terrace: 28 m² Area: La Nova Esquerra Type: Residential Reference: BCN071998884
  • superficie interior 106.69 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 3
  • baños disponibles 2
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Fabulous brand new refurbished apartment next to Paseo Sant Joan

Area: 161 Area: La Dreta Type: Residential Reference: BCN073609473
  • superficie interior 161 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 3
  • baños disponibles 3
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Stunning refurbished modernist apartment with a large terrace in Eixample

Area: 188.76 Terrace: 129.28 m² Area: La Dreta Type: Residential Reference: BCN073769722
  • superficie interior 188.76 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 4
  • baños disponibles 3
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Featured properties for rent Barcelona

Reduced price Recommended

Fantastic flat for rent with terrace in Pedralbes

3.400 €/month
Area: 220 Terrace: 30 m² Area: Pedralbes Type: Residential Reference: BCN029959650
  • superficie interior 220 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 4
  • baños disponibles 4
  • parking disponible Yes
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Extraordinary 450 sqm luxury property for rent in Turó Park

15.000 €/month
Area: 450 Area: Galvany Type: Residential Reference: BCN033309642
  • superficie interior 450 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 4
  • baños disponibles 4
  • parking disponible Yes
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Unique refurbished townhouse for rent with patio and terrace in Eixample

3.500 €/month
Area: 181 Area: La Dreta Type: Houses / Villas Reference: BCN067189351
  • superficie interior 181 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 3
  • baños disponibles 3
  • parking disponible Yes
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Luxury properties for sale in Barcelona city centre

Are you searching for luxury properties for sale in Barcelona? Here, we will provide you with guidance on finding the ideal place to live in the city.

Perhaps you are looking to sell your luxury property in Barcelona and are unsure how to maximize its rental potential. Look no further and discover how we can assist you in finding your next home.

Explore our featured luxury properties for sale in Barcelona’s most exclusive areas: Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Les Corts, Eixample, Gràcia, Ciutat Vella, Sant Martí, and Sants Montjuïc. Each district offers its own unique lifestyle, architecture, and charm. Within all of them, we have your new dream house.

Luxury properties in Barcelona: the best areas and districts

Sant Gervasi

If you want to enjoy one of the best areas of the city, we have properties available in Sant Gervasi: one of the few areas where you can find luxury houses for sale in Barcelona, because most of the buildings in the city, are mostly apartments and flats. Here you will find large apartments with 3 or 4 bedrooms, in quiet and well cared  neighbourhoods that have a perfect connection with the city centre. In Les Corts, and also in Pedralbes, you will be able to find flats and the most spectacular luxury villas in which to enjoy a quiet and privileged residence in the heart of the city. In this area, we can highlight the peace and quiet, the internationally prestigious educational offer and the most renowned medical centres. Discover our best luxury apartments in Sarrià Sant Gervasi for sale.


If you want to enjoy the unique architectural style of Barcelona, your favourite area will be the Eixample. Close to the city centre, we have beautiful luxury properties for sale with a design that will make you fall in love with the distinctive features of this city. Emblematic places like Passeig de Gràcia or Plaça Catalunya will be at your disposal to enjoy the most luxurious shops and all kinds of restaurants. However, if you prefer a neighbourhood with a lifestyle close to that of a town with personality and a lively social life, at Bcn Advisors you will find properties in Gràcia. Its leisure establishments and public squares will make you enjoy the most popular Barcelona. Find out our best luxury apartments in Eixample for sale.

Sants Montjuic

If you are looking for to buy luxury villas in Barcelona, in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, you can enjoy excellent communications with the rest of the city and even the metropolitan area, as well as a wide range of services and shops. Here you will find a family atmosphere, popular and quiet, with many beautiful parks and also an interesting educational and university offer. Discover our best luxury apartments in Sants,Barcelona for sale.

Ciutat Vella

Barcelona is a historical city that adapts to the present-day, and that’s why we can find everything from the historical centre full of tradition to new areas built in recent years. Barcelona’s history is reflected in the Ciutat Vella district, which is a fantastic opportunity to live in the heart of the city in one of the wonderfully renovated properties with class and style. With Barcelona’s distinctive architectural features, you will have all the possibilities this city has to offer at your feet. Find out our best luxury apartments in Ciutat Vella for sale.

Diagonal Mar, luxury homes in Barcelona

On the other hand, in Diagonal Mar we find incredible properties in luxury buildings with all imaginable services (24-hour surveillance, gym, swimming pool, children’s play areas…) and amazing sea views. This is the newest area of the city, which represents one of the most exclusive facets of Barcelona. It has the third bigger park in the city and a large shopping centre with many fashion shops and restaurants. In short, it’s a cosmopolitan area where you can enjoy the most modern Barcelona with the rest of the city’s attractions very close by. Discover our best luxury apartments in Diagonal Mar for sale.

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FAQs about buying a property in Barcelona

Does Bcn Advisors offer Barcelona Property Investment services?

We focus on investment and profitability properties such as the buildings to be refurbished, offering great opportunities with a real and safe profitability in the city of Barcelona.

Can I get a Spanish residence visa if I buy a property in Barcelona?

It’s possible to obtain the golden visa by investing 500,000 euros in properties located in Spain. Bcn Advisors will advise you throughout the process.

What taxes do I have to pay when buying a property in Barcelona?

The Property Transfer Tax (ITP), between 8 and 10% of the value of the second hand property, or VAT (10%), if it’s new.

How to buy property in Barcelona?

At BCN Advisors we make it very easy for you, you can contact us and we offer you a complete and personalized service to adapt to your needs and find the property Barcelona that you are looking for.

What are the prices of a property in Barcelona?

You can find all the information on property prices in Barcelona in the article we published on this year’s property market study.

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The top ten tips for buying a property in Barcelona

Buying a property, after divorce or death of a loved one, is often cited as being one of the most stressful things in one’s life. You may have the idea of the ‘perfect property’ in the ‘perfect location’ but having a degree of flexibility can open your eyes to more potential opportunities. There’s a wealth of information available online from getting a mortgage to solicitors but it is well worth taking time to do your to do your homework before diving straight in. So to help you through the maze of buying property in Barcelona, here are BCN Advisors’ top ten tips for making the process as stress-free as possible.

How to buy property in Barcelona: recommendations

1. Location

This is a word that that we hear ad infinitum when it comes to buying a home and prices can vary significantly. Ask yourself these two questions: ‘do I want to live in an already gentrified neighbourhood that has seen established price rises since the property turnaround such as Eixample, Barcelona Old Town and the Zona Alta?’ or ‘would I prefer to look at areas with good investment potential (such as Nou Barris or Sant Martí?)’. These areas are not quite as central but offer better value for money. If you need to sell quickly in a difficult market, however, prime properties sell the quickest.

2. Negotiation and keeping your cool

Real estate agents will price a property according to the local market but just because a property is listed at a certain price, it doesn’t mean that is what the seller will accept. Take advice from your agent about a starting offer price and then negotiate via him or her to ensure that the best price is reached for both parties. Temper your enthusiasm when viewing! If the estate agent or vendor gets the impression that you really love the property, you will be putting yourself on the back foot when it comes to getting money off the asking price.

3. Good communications

Check out your transport options. Barcelona, including the suburbs, is very well communicated by train, metro, tram and bus. Luxury villas in Barcelona that are within easy walking distance of public transport tend to have better resale value. However, properties that are further from public transport tend to be cheaper. If you’re buying an apartment or home with short-term or long-term rentals in mind, take into consideration important amenities like shopping, markets and restaurants – both for enjoying the best of the Barcelona lifestyle yourself but also for making an appealing rental home. It is also worth taking into account the distance to roads that connect to main motorways and the airport.

4. Talk to the locals

If you like a property, take time to explore the neighbourhood. Some questions you might want to ask yourself are: What are the amenties for children like? How far to the nearest shop or metro/bus station? Where will I park my car? Are there good restaurants / bars / cinemas in the area? Most people are happy to give advice to the people who may become their new next-door neighbours! If you are buying for short-term rentals, visit the area in the off season. Your estate agent may well be able to answer these questions for you.

5. Legal representation

Although not obligatory, we recommend using a solicitor to manage the purchase of your property.Your lawyer drafts and reviews contracts on your behalf, explains what administrative issues you face, carries out any due diligence and arranges all the required documents to complete the process such as registering the property and tax payments. Ask your estate agent, friends or relatives for good recommendations for lawyers and get different quotes as costs can vary. However you’ll need to factor in around 1% of the purchase price for legal fees. We recommend you go with the one you think will provide the best service, not necessarily the cheapest.

6. Getting a survey

Surveys are also not oblgatory when buying property in Spain but again, we recommend getting one to ensure that there are no significant problems with the property as it is the buyer’s responsibilty to discover any defects. Obviously you will want to get a survey prior to the exchange date.

7. Prepare to be patient

It typically takes at least three months to get all the paperwork in order although in some cases it can be less if there is no chain and/or you are buying in cash. It is advisable to keep in regular contact with your legal representative as there may be information you can provide to speed up the process.

8. Check annual charges

If you are considering buying an apartment, check the annual community charges and any building costs in advance. Owners are, by law, obliged to be members of the community of owners, (Comunidad de Propietarios). The fees go to the upkeep of the common areas and any other services that the community vote for. These fees will vary according to the costs of maintenance and which services are comunal.

9. Find a good mortgage adviser

Since the property crash in 2008, Spanish lenders have tightened their criteria and increased the amount needed for a deposit. Seeking advice from a qualified mortgage adviser will provide you with the information you need on interest rates and whether a flexible or fixed rate is better. It is advisable to get an ‘agreement in principle’ from a lender before you start searching. This will give you an idea as to how much you can borrow.

10. Budget for other costs

We normally advise to factor in an additional 10% for fees on top of the purchase price. This includes local taxes, notary fees and legal fees. In addition to this, there are also survey costs, removal costs, buildings insurance, initial furnishing and decorating costs and, if relevant, mortgage arrangement fees.

buying property or house in barcelona

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