The cost of living in Barcelona

cost of living in barcelona

Are you looking for the cost of living in Barcelona because you are thinking about moving to the city, don’t worry.

In Bcn Advisors we want to make it easy for you, so today we show you everything you need to know before moving to Barcelona, and you can consider whether it is a good destination for you. We have already written other articles that can help you find your ideal home, whether you are looking to find out more about real estate commissions for the sale of a flat, you want to know the best neighbourhoods and areas to live in Barcelona, or some tips about the documents and procedures to sell a flat or house. Are you ready to learn more about the city?

The price of food in Barcelona

If you choose to eat out, either one day or on a regular basis, you should bear in mind that the price of restaurants will vary depending on the area you are in. If we are very close to very touristy places, either in the centre or in other specific points, the price is likely to rise significantly compared to other places. Normally, the average price of a menu of the day in a restaurant will be around €15 approximately.

If, on the other hand, you shop in supermarkets to cook at home, prices also vary depending on where you buy your food.

In general, in this city you can live perfectly well on €5 a day for food, which is approximately €35-40 a week spent on food alone. With this amount, we will have enough for one person.

In the case of a family of four people, we calculate that the weekly expenditure on food would be close to 150 €.


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The price of transport in Barcelona

Transport is one of the city’s strong points, as it has a wide range of metro, bus and train services. It also has bicing, a network of bicycles that allow you to travel along the many lanes available in the city.

Public transport

coste del transporte publico en barcelona

There are different types of cards that you can buy. If you are going to live in Barcelona and are going to make intensive use of the public transport network, we have several recommendations. If you are under 25, we recommend two cards; T-Jove, which gives you the freedom to travel unlimited for 90 days, for a single payment of €80. Another of the most recommended options is the T-Mes, for the price of 50 €, we have unlimited travel for a month.

If we are going to make occasional use of public transport, the T-casual offers 10 journeys for €7.95. The price increases as you add zones, but if you are only travelling around the city, 1 zone will be enough.



coste de bicing a barcelona

This option is important to consider. For 50 € per year, we can use these bicycles whenever we want. The first half hour of use is completely free (in the case of choosing the electric bike it will be 0,35 €). In the case of exceeding this time, it will be +0.7 € for the normal bike, and +0.90 € for the electric bike, for every 30 minutes of use.

This option is ideal for short distances, and for students, as it is very economical and affordable.


The price of housing in Barcelona

precio viviendas barcelona

Are you interested in buying luxury flats in Barcelona? Well, you should know that like many of the prices in the city, they vary depending on the location where you are. One of the things to bear in mind is that in Barcelona it is more expensive to rent a flat than to buy one. In the case of going alone, it would be interesting to find a shared flat, we could find an average offer of 350 € per month, adding the cost of electricity, gas, and water. If, on the other hand, we need a flat, most of them are around 800-1500 € per month on average, in normal flats in the city.

If we want something better, we have a wide variety of flats, houses and even mansions available in many parts of the city. If you are interested in knowing all the options (whether you are looking for a flat or want to sell your flat in Barcelona), we recommend you to visit our website. In our luxury real estate agency in Barcelona of Bcn Advisors, you will be able to find flats with these characteristics in an easy and simple way. We have homes organized by areas, prices, and types of address, so you can find the option that best suits your preferences in an easy and quick way.

We know that if you wondering how to find a flat or house in Barcelona, you will be interested in knowing a little more about each area in order to study and compare them. Because each of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods offers features that you won’t find in the other. Below you will find a list of some articles we have created about some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Barcelona, so that you can find your way around:

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Price of leisure in Barcelona

precio del ocio en barcelona

In Barcelona, there are many things to do as a pastime, and we will tell you the price of them.

Going out partying is something that many of the city’s residents do as a matter of course. On average, the entrance fee to a discotheque is 14 €. Going to the cinema is also something to consider.

It’s usually around €9 on a normal day, but Wednesdays are spectator’s day, and if you go on that day, the price can go down to €5.

Barcelona is certainly not a city with low costs, but the climate, the beach, the streets and the atmosphere in them, make living in it an experience. Undoubtedly, you have to live there to know what it is like to live in Barcelona. At Bcn Advisors, we offer you the possibility of finding the perfect home to enjoy all the comforts that the city of Barcelona has to offer.


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