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Bcn Advisors, your real estate agency to buy the best luxury penthouses in Gràcia

If you are looking for penthouses for sale in Gràcia, Bcn Advisors has the most exclusive properties and carefully chooses the best opportunities for buying homes in Barcelona. The purchase of a property is a very important move and that's why we strive every day to offer our clients the best possible service.

Gràcia, a town within the big city

The Gràcia district, which was originally an independent city, is one of the most emblematic and best-loved zones in Barcelona. It features two of the largest green areas of the city: the most emblematic one is the Park Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudí. Gràcia is one of the most culturally diverse areas of the city and represents a unique essence that attracts national and international residents. This district is made up of the neighbourhoods of Vila de Gràcia, Vallcarca i Els Penitents, El Coll, La Salut and Camp d'en Grassot - Gràcia Nova.

Vila de Gràcia is known for its cultural, bohemian and alternative atmosphere. It is made up of small streets and squares that create a vibrant lifestyle. The neighbourhood is full of markets, bars, restaurants and shops. To the east of Vila de Gràcia is Camp d'en Grassot i Gràcia Nova, with a more modern urban layout. To the north we find La Salut, El Coll and Vallcarca i Els Penitents, very close to the Tibidabo mountain and Carretera de les Aigües, which are perfect places to enjoy nature by hiking, running or cycling.

The advantages of luxury penthouses for a greater comfort

Buying a luxury penthouse in Vila de Gràcia means peace of mind. From the top floor of the building, these homes receive much less street noise than the rest. In addition, from its privileged position you are more likely to enjoy excellent views and greater luminosity throughout the day, as there are fewer obstacles to natural light. This, in turn, creates a sense of amplitude and exceptional vibrancy within the home.

The luxury penthouses with terrace stand out, offering an incomparable space to enjoy outdoor meals, pleasant meetings with family and friends and for the children of the house to play. Despite being in a building, the luxury penthouses represent a unique and personal space within it, enhancing its exclusivity and representing the opportunity to enjoy a great quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions about luxury penthouses for sale in Gràcia


What is the average price of luxury penthouses in Gràcia?

Around 5,800 euros per square metre, according to Idealista website (data from April 2020).

What are the advantages of a penthouse compared to other types of homes?

A greater peace of mind as it receives less street noise, luminosity, better views and the possibility of enjoying large terraces.

What should I take into account to start looking for a luxury penthouse in Gràcia?

Your financial situation, which will determine the budget both in the search phases and in a possible later negotiation. If you think you will need a mortgage, you should find out about the different options.