How to choose the best real estate agency in Barcelona?

Best real estate agency in Barcelona

Do you want to sell your apartment or are you looking for one to change or start a new stage in your life? If you have come this point, it’s very likely that you are in the difficult choice of trusting a real estate agency in Barcelona and you have to choose between one of the many that you can find in this city.

Questions you need to ask to find the best real estate agency

You are probably wondering some of these questions:

  • – Should I hire a real estate agency to sell my apartment or house in Barcelona?
  • – What do I need to know about a real estate agent to be sure that they will meet their commitments?
  • – How is a real estate agent going to help me look for a flat better than doing it myself?

In a sector as huge as this one, it’s normal for you to have a lot of questions when you take such an important step as everything related to your home. That’s why we’re going to help you decide, by giving you all the keys to help you make the right decision.

Keep reading to find out!

Choosing the best real estate agency in Barcelona to be right

Let’s take a look at some tips for choosing the best real estate agency in Barcelona to market or buy your flat.

#1 The Google rating and reviews

If many people tell you that something is good, they can’t be far wrong. Before choosing a real estate agency, search for its name on Google and look at those little stars associated with it. The combination of a good rating and a large number of reviews will give you a very good idea of how satisfied their clients are.

All our Google reviews are 100% real and from satisfied customers, both buyers and sellers, as well as rental property owners and tenants.

#2 Specialisation and knowledge of the city of Barcelona

The best real estate agents in Barcelona must know all areas of the city like the back of their hand. They should also be able to offer first hand the recommended properties that best suit your needs in each area. A greater specialisation is a guarantee of a deeper and more detailed knowledge.

At Bcn Advisors we specialise in the most prestigious areas of Barcelona: Eixample, Ciutat Vella, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Les Corts, Diagonal Mar. You can check the neighbourhood guide on our website and ask our real estate agents any questions you may have.

#3 Providing buyers agents services

All help is not enough when it comes to making a decision as important as buying a new home. The best real estate agent should put themselves in your shoes as if they were buying the flat for themselves and help you choose the best option, always defending your interests.

Therefore, the real estate professionals should focus on your requirements and needs in order to select only those that meet your expectations, saving you time and worries. In addition, they should accompany you during the negotiation process with the owner.

#4 Advertising the flats in the best national and international portals

The best real estate agency in Barcelona must publish the ads on the most visited national and international websites. If you want to sell your apartments, it must be published there where users enter to search.

But it’s not enough to be present, it’s also important how you are present. A higher investment ensures a better positioning on most websites, in what are usually called premium or featured ads. Ask which websites are going to advertise your property for sale and check how many there are and from how many real estate agencies. The higher the number, the better you know it is in the right places.

#5 Investment and mortgage advice

You may not want to buy a property to live in, you may want to invest. That’s why the best real estate agency in Barcelona should also be an expert in investment services to help you understand the market. It is very useful to have a guide in this area, who will talk to you frankly about the suitability of an investment and point out where the best results are.

If you need a mortgage when you buy, the estate agent should also have the knowledge to help you. He or she should know the general terms, guarantees and possible scenarios, but will always adapt to your specific case to help you with total safety.

#6 Solid negotiation skills

It’s obvious that the owner of a property wants to sell it at the highest possible price and the buyer wants to buy it at the lowest possible price. Two interests that must be merged in order to reach an agreement, because if they never move, it will never be possible. Thinking about the benefits for both parties, and how to achieve them, is essential in the task of a good real estate agent.

Their negotiation skills will be key to help both parties to meet their goals, because if they only look after the goals of one party, the sale will never be achieved. This, always under the criteria of professional ethics, is an issue that should be essential in the value proposition of a real estate agency. Only in this way will it be possible to create a relationship of trust that can always last in the long term.

#7 Have a wide network of contacts and make collaborations.

Knowing where the opportunities are and who can provide them is key in any business. That is why the best real estate agency is one that has a wide network of contacts: owners, buyers, investors, international clients, collaborators, etc.

In some cases, there is strength in unity. That’s why a good real estate agency should not turn its back on other companies in the sector, but also rely on them if it is in the interest of its client. If an agency collaborates with others, it also shows that it is reliable and does a good job.

#8 Think outside the box

The best real estate agent is the one who adapts to the circumstances, knows the market and renews his knowledge. All of this helps him or her to provide solutions that the client had not thought of or could not even imagine existed.

Creativity and added value are aspects that make the difference when it comes to trusting a real estate professional instead of deciding to sell your home as a private individual or start looking for a new home on your own.

#9 The staff is essential

The last point is the summary of all the previous ones. Talent and professionalism make the difference in any area of life. The best real estate agency, obviously, must have the best people working for it.

In addition, the real estate market in Barcelona is very international, so foreign language skills are also a point to take into account when it comes to trusting a real estate agency.

Is Bcn Advisors the best real estate agency in Barcelona?

It wouldn’t be very humble to say yes categorically, but what we can assure you is that we work every day to do our best and meet the expectations of the clients who place their trust in us. We take care of each of the points we have explained in this post and we can prove to you that we fulfil them.

You can use our contact form to find out if we really meet this high demand for quality service. Our main objective is always to help you to sell your property or to get involved with you in the search for a new home.