Can a foreigner buy a house in spain?

Can a foreigner buy a house in spain

Are you looking for information about buying a property in Spain and getting the residency? Are you trying to find an answer to the question of if a foreigner can buy a house in Spain? In this article, we will explain to you all the things you need to know about this topic.

If you are a foreigner and you are looking for buying a property in Spain, either for your own home or to generate profitability, there are some aspects that you must take into account (we already talked about all the things you have to have into account if you are thinking to buy a property in Spain as an American. Take a look).

In fact, if you have ever considered this, surely you will have had some doubts such as ”what do I need before moving to Spain as a foreigner?” Don’t worry, it is totally normal to have doubts and make mistakes when you are going to carry out an operation in another country.

However, at Bcn Advisors we do not want our clients or future clients to suffer any kind of deception, which is why we explain below all the keys to buying a home in Spain. That’s why we assess them, explaining which are the differences between living in Barcelona vs Madrid, why retiring in Barcelona is the best option, or how to find a flat in Barcelona (the city know better).

Requirements to buy a house in Spain if you are a foreigner

Any foreigner can buy a house in Spain, regardless of their country of residence, color or religion. However, there are different aspects to take into account since, in case you are not a Spanish citizen, you will have to take some extra steps before buying the house.

The first thing you will have to get to buy your home is the NIE (Foreign Identity Number). It is a basic document which contains a number that all foreigners must obtain when they enter the country. Depending on your country of origin, the procedures will be different.

People who are part of the European Union

If you belong to a country that is already part of the European Union, you can access 2 types of NIE:

Temporary NIE

The temporary NIE, as its name suggests, is for those people who are not looking to come and live in Spain for an indefinite period of time. This can be applied to those people who seek to come to Spain for a short time to make purchase and sale arrangements.

Residence NIE

This second type of NIE is permanent and is dedicated to those who seek to stay in Spain for a long period of time.

People who are not part of the European Union

In case you are not part of the EU and, therefore, you are a non-EU citizen, you can access two types of NIE:

Resident NIE

As we have explained previously, this NIE is for people who are residents of the country for more than 183 days a year.

Non-resident NIE

This NIE will allow you to buy a home without the need to live in Spain.

To request any of the types of NIE explained above, all you have to do is go to any Police station in Spain or request it at the embassy of your country.

Apart from this, we recommend opening a bank account in Spain. This aspect is not mandatory, but it will greatly facilitate the process of buying a property.

Tips for buying a home in Spain

At BCN Advisors we love that our clients feel safe and satisfied with their purchase, for this reason, we want you to also live the magnificent experience of acquiring a property in Spain. So that everything goes according to plan, we leave you some tips that may be useful. Save them!

  • Make sure you see the house you are going to buy (either by videoconference or in person). Some real estate photos may be edited to appear larger than it is. It is important that you verify that you are paying a fair price.
  • Verify that the home does not have any outstanding debt. In case you have it, do not sign any document since, otherwise, you will have to face the pending debts.
  • Buy your home with a quality real estate agent to avoid possible scams, in this way, you will ensure that all legal aspects are in order, and you do not have to pay a euro more than expected.
  • In case you need it, ask for the documents translated into your language so that you can understand what you are signing. It may seem unnecessary, but there are many contracts that have trick words.
  • Do not rush to close the contract, take your time to verify the ownership of the domain and the debt status.

At Bcn Advisors we are aware that, before buying a home as a foreigner (or not), many aspects must be taken into account. For this reason, we have great professionals who select the best homes, and not only for aesthetics and location, but also because we make sure that everything is legal, and we accompany our clients until the end of the process.

How to buy a house in Spain?

To buy a house in Spain, you must first know the area in which you want to locate it. The best autonomous communities are: Barcelona and Madrid, but there are many more.

Once you are clear about the place (for example, Barcelona), what you should do is contact a real estate agency in Barcelona that has experience in the city and area where you want to buy the property, either if you want to buy a house in the uptown area of Barcelona or to another more modest zone.

Remember that at Bcn Advisors the bests apartments for sale in Barcelona, so we are highly qualified to offer you a home in any area you want: so if you are interested to buy luxury houses, recommend you some of the most expensive flats in Barcelona we have (in case you want to live in an apartment), or our most expensive houses in Barcelona (if you want to have a big home inside or outside the city). You just have to tell us what you are looking for, and we take care of the rest.

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