How much is my house worth? Best online valuation platforms and how to get a more accurate estimate

How much is my house worth?

When selling a house, the first decisive factor is to set the price. A figure that depends on many factors and that must be well chosen to achieve the objective of selling it. If you want to sell your apartment, the best solution is to get the help of a real estate professional and ask for a free valuation of your home.

I want to sell my house but I don’t know how much it costs

After deciding that you are going to sell your property, starting to market it is not as easy as simply taking some pictures and placing an advert on Internet. The help of a professional is essential for the success of this process from the very beginning: deciding the selling price.

how much is my appartment worth

Deciding on the market price is a very important step. It’s important to know how to balance the seller’s interests, who obviously wants to obtain the highest possible price for his property, and the real price set by the market and similar available properties in the same area. Settijng a price that is too high can prolong the sale of the property and “burn” it, which does not favour its sale because it ends up being exposed for a long period of time.

Best online property valuation platforms

There are many online tools that offer an estimated valuation of the property. The most famous is Idealista, where you only have to enter the street and town of the property to obtain the price.

Precioviviendas platform

The platform Precioviviendas, certified by the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of Madrid, is based on the surface area and age of the property as recorded in the Cadastre for each address and offers a price range.

Housell platform

Housell is another online valuation platform. It is based on 3 questions: the location of the property, the Price Earning Ratio (PER) and the features, such as number of bedrooms and surface area in square metres. In addition, it’s complemented with other information about the property that must be introduced, such as the type of property, the current condition, whether it has extras such as a garage, terrace or swimming pool, etc.

Sociedad de Tasación platform

The website of “Sociedad de Tasación” offers a form to request an online valuation of the property, which costs 9.90 €. It requires you to fill in the address, floor area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, condition and extras.

However, these online platforms are good to get an approximate price, but they can never replace the advice of a real estate expert who sees the property and takes into account many other aspects that are not included in these online platforms.

Do you want to appraise your house in Barcelona?
Contact us to find out the value of your home with the best professional experts in the real estate sector:

We can appraise your property: how much does it cost?

Bcn Advisors offers a free valuation service of your property to offer you the selling price and advise you on the ideal market price. Our experience in the luxury real estate sector over 15 years gives us all the necessary knowledge of the market at all times to determine the price.

appraise my property

Our valuation is more accurate than that of an official valuer, who only takes into account banking standards and not the market demand at any particular time for each type of property. In other words, how much a potential buyer would be willing to pay. This is why a specific study is essential, as the market is constantly evolving and can change every 3 or 4 months.

The selling price must be in line with market demand, beyond figures such as square metres surface or number of bedrooms. For example, penthouses are more valuable because they are more sought after. The building in which the property is located is also important: regal estate buildings (“fincas regias”) are more appreciated. And, of course, the area in which it is located. In addition, nowadays and due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic, properties with terraces are more interesting for the buyers and therefore have a higher value now than they did a little over a year ago.

What is the difference with an online valuation?

The main difference between Bcn Advisors’ valuation and an online valuation is undoubtedly the human factor and the certified experience in the luxury market. Beyond the objective information that is introduced in an online valuation platform, the price of a property is also determined by other objective and many more subjective factors that can only be analysed with a visit to the flat and direct personal contact with the owner.

In addition, Bcn Advisors’ free valuation analyses the price of flats for sale in the same area that have not been sold, as this means the price that current buyers are not willing to pay. If flats with similar features are not selling, it would not make sense to set a price per square metre that is higher, for example.