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Street retail next to Francesc Macia

This magnificent premises is 987 sqm, located in the prestigious area between Eixample and Galvany areas, right next to Francesc Macià square. It’s an open-plan premises consisting of 2...
Area: 987 Area: La Nova Esquerra Type: Commercial Reference: BCN051734910
  • superficie interior 987 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 1
  • baños disponibles 1
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    Recommendations for buying commercial properties in Barcelona

    If you are looking for a commercial premise for your business in Barcelona, Bcn Advisors is your best option. We have properties that adapt to your needs for starting your own business or to expand your company: in the center or in the upper zone of the city, with one or several floors, open-space or with different rooms, and with direct access to the street. See all opportunities to buy a commercial property for sale in Barcelona.

    Commercial properties in Barcelona's Eixample

    The Eixample is one of the most emblematic areas of Barcelona and its potential for locating commercial premises is excellent. This city area stands out for wide streets and sidewalks with a grid structure, inviting you to stroll around calmly. Therefore, it's an important attraction area for numerous clients, who take advantage of it to do their shopping or enjoy its services.

    It's also worth noting that the Eixample has a high concentration of offices and professionals where you can find commercial premises for sale in Eixample, which means that many people living in the city and outside it also come to this area.. Therefore, the commercial properties of the Eixample benefit from this traffic and, moreover, are an attraction in themselves. They are joined by the large number of tourists that pass through the area.

    The commercial exposure of the Eixample is excellent, with a great offer of public transport to reach the area. Not only that, the buses that pass through the area also help that visibility to multiply even more.

    Ciutat Vella commercial hub: Barcelona's historic centre

    Barcelona's historical centre is adapting to the current times and it has added a great evolution to its history, in order to keep up with the times. The Ciutat Vella district has received large investments to continue being a reference point and this has had a positive effect on the commercial premises in the area. Specialised shops are major players and are even distributed in certain streets according to their activity.

    In Ciutat Vella there are also commercial properties dedicated to restaurant services, with an offer that covers practically every place in the world. With a constant flow of tourists and an excellent location close to public transport, Bcn Advisors has commercial premises among its portfolio of properties.

    The Zona Alta, commercial properties aimed at a high purchasing power

    Sarrià-Sant Gervasi maintains that charm of being a placewith its own personality far from the big city but, at the same time, being a part of it. In this area, there are many opportunities for the sale of commercial properties in Sant Gervasi. The socioeconomic profile of the area, which stands out for its high purchasing power, makes that buying a commercial space with Bcn Advisors is an ideal option for any business looking for this target. This commercial hub is connected to the city centre by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), which serves as a subway.

    On the other hand, the Gràcia district is a pleasant shopping area in which to buy commercial premises through Gràcia, with its pedestrian streets and controlled vehicle traffic, and wide, tree-lined areas. It's also a place of passage for tourists, who see it as a continuation of the city centre or as a stopover to visit various tourist attractions such as Park Güell.

    Investing in commercial properties in Barcelona

    Investment in real estate always ensures a good return, and commercial premises are no exception. In fact, it's one of the best investments available on the market today. The areas of Barcelona in which Bcn Advisors specializes offer a very interesting profitability. They are prime areas of the city that have gained a high demand in the last years.

    The Bcn Advisors team, as real estate experts, is at your disposal to advise you in the search for the best option according to your interests. Buy a commercial property for sale in Barcelona with BCN Advisors.

    Frequently Asked Questions about buying commercial properties in Barcelona


    Why is it important the location to buy a commercial premise in Barcelona?

    Because it's an important factor in determining the success of your business and influences the target audience profile; you have to check if the access is easy, if there is enough traffic on the street, etc.

    ¿Qué importancia tienen las dimensiones del inmueble?

    The commercial premises must have sufficient surface area to develop the commercial activity and the height, width and interior distribution must also be taken into account.

    ¿Es importante analizar la competencia en la zona antes de comprar un local comercial?

    Yes, you must know if there are other options for your type of business, how they work and what promotional tools they use, among other issues.

    What if I want to buy high-end commercial premises as an investment?

    It's important to be advised by a specialized team such as Bcn Advisors, which knows the best alternatives for investing in commercial premises in Barcelona.