Eixample embraces luxury and wellness with a new housing development

In the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant Eixample district, a new luxury development is set to redefine urban living, seamlessly blending modern elegance with a focus on health and wellness. Scheduled for completion in the last quarter of 2024, this visionary project promises to become a haven for discerning individuals seeking a sophisticated lifestyle amidst the captivating energy of the city.

Located within the historic fabric of the Eixample, the development seamlessly integrates the charm of the neighbourhood’s 1910s architecture with contemporary design sensibilities. The meticulously renovated building will house exquisite flats, ranging from one to four bedrooms, each carefully designed to exude luxury and functionality.

Bathed in natural light, the spacious interiors showcase high quality finishes and fittings, creating an ambience of refined elegance. Private terraces or balconies extend the living space, offering tranquil retreats amidst the bustling city.

Healthy lifestyle

To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the development features an exclusive private gym, providing residents with a convenient and motivating space to maintain their fitness goals. In addition, a dedicated charging station for electric bicycles encourages eco-friendly commuting and utilisation of the city’s bike lanes.

The kitchens, designed with health in mind, feature thoughtful details that promote wellness. Excellent ventilation, abundant natural light and easy-to-clean surfaces ensure a harmonious environment for preparing nutritious meals.

Regal estate building

The building, which is being completely refurbished, will have 2 lifts (the original one restored with a new wooden cabin mechanism and a brand new one), a concierge, an electric bicycle charging area and a private modernist-vintage style gymnasium with a Catalan vault, hydraulic floors and a complete bathroom.

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The extensive main façade of the building, as well as the numerous interior courtyards and the rear façade, provide the building with excellent lighting and ventilation. The unusual distance to the buildings parallel to the façade further enhances the feeling and perception of spaciousness. As this is a modernist building with important historical value, the interior design team has prioritised the recovery of some of the original elements.

For example, a complete restoration and rehabilitation of the modernist stuccoes of the staircase core has been carried out; and in the independent vestibules, recovered hydraulic mosaic tiles will be installed to maintain the historical value of the property. In addition, the exterior joinery has been replaced with wooden windows and balconies with thermal break and laminated insulating glass.


Prices for these exceptional residences start at €522,000 and rise to €3 million, reflecting the unparalleled quality of life they offer. With its emphasis on luxury, wellbeing and sustainable living, this development sets a new standard for urban living in Barcelona.

Having a flat in Barcelona’s Dreta del Eixample offers numerous advantages. This neighbourhood is famous for its modernist architecture, with iconic buildings such as Gaudí’s Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. The area has wide avenues and tree-lined streets, providing a pleasant and spacious atmosphere. Furthermore, the Dreta del Eixample is well connected by public transport, providing easy access to any point in the city. The commercial and gastronomic offer is abundant and varied, with numerous restaurants, shops and markets.

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