Why trust Bcn Advisors?

At Bcn Advisors, we interviewed two of our clients to find out their thoughts on the subject. They are Mario Gorina and Carles Bernadás – two owners who have placed their trust in our real estate agency for some time when buying and selling their properties.

Trusting a real estate agent is crucial for clients to be able to sell and/or buy luxury homes in Barcelona, effectively and with the right advice. If the benefits are not obvious, the owner of the properties will not place their trust in the company that has arranged them on another occasion. Furthermore, as Mario Gorina says, one of the prerequisites is that it has a good track record, and above all, that it has a professional team. Our clients also believe it is important that we know how to argue for the right price of the property, and that all the conditions are the right ones, with honesty something fundamental and which has to be the cornerstone.

Placing your trust in an estate agent like BCN Advisors when purchasing apartments provides peace of mind, especially with the knowledge that you are in good hands and that you are getting what you want: buying a property or selling a house. However, the benefits in the long term are greater: “over time you reorganise your property”, says Carles Bernadás, a client of our luxury real estate company in Barcelona.

We also asked them about their experience with BCN Advisors. Mario, who has been with us for ten years, told us that his “experience with BCN Advisors has been very positive,” and Carles put it in the following terms: “I only have praise for you. You are professionals and pleasant to deal with – something that is very important nowadays.”

Friendliness, effectiveness, honesty, professionalism, honesty and warmth. Our two clients describe us with these six objectives. For the same reason, they tell us that they always recommend us to everyone deciding to buy a luxury apartment or house in Barcelona. What adjectives would you use to describe us?

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