The 10 most exclusives restaurants in the city



The 10 most exclusives restaurants in the city


In Barcelona, there are up to 24 restaurants with Michelin star, therefore it is not easy to make a selection of which, from Bcn Advisors, we consider the most exclusives. However, we have made it for you! We have compiled 10 restaurants in Barcelona, classified by number of stars, to provide you with ideas for your next gourmet appointment.

Restaurants in Barcelona with three Michelin stars 2017

  • Lasarte

Lasarte restaurant has opened its doors in 2006, with Martín Berasategui. This restaurant is a project witch groups together the best professionals, as the Italian chef Paolo Casagrande, in order to form a team that satisfies through smells and exquisite flavors to theirs diners. A modern and avant-garde restaurant that goes through the eyes, where all the spaces are bright are thought to surprise and please the guests.

Photo of Lasarte restaurant


  • Sant Pau

Carme Ruscalleda with her husband, Toni Balam, have conceived the restaurant Sant Pau in the native town of the cook, Sant Pol de Mar. Set in an old manor house with a large garden and a stunning sea views, it offers creative cuisine where the traditional Catalan product inspired by nature predominate.

Photo of Sant Pau restaurant

Restaurants Barcelona with two Michelin stars 2017


  • ABaC

This restaurant is a unique place for many reasons. Aesthetically it is a magnificent and impressive place. The kitchen is headed by Jordi Cruz, and the menu overflows of surprising meals with a lot of personality. Without any doubt, it is a creative cuisine with a great technique and innovation, in a quiet, elegant and distinguished place.

  • Photo of ABaC restaurant.


  • Moments

Moments is the restaurant of the luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental, a restaurant witch links Raül Balam’s kitchen with his mother’s one, Carme Ruscalleda. Creativity and freshness with a touch of avant-garde stand out in a menu with predominance of Catalan culture and seasonal products.


  • Photo of Moments restaurant.


  • Enoteca

Enoteca is run by the Catalan chef Paco Pérez and is located in the Hotel Arts of the City of Barcelona. The heart and soul of the current Mediterranean cuisine are blended in the Enoteca restaurant. A wine cellar of more than 700 wines goes along with the innovative cuisine, which comprises the character of local products. Since the rations are thought to combine perfectly with the bottle that is chosen, it’s the ideal place for good wine lovers.


Photo of Enoteca restaurant.



Restaurants Barcelona with one Michelin star 2017


6 Tickets Bar


This traditional tapas bar comes from the hands of chef Albert Adrià. Creative and innovative tapas make this place synonymous of Catalan gastronomy. The Adrià’s brothers have reinvented the concept of traditional meals, transforming them into a creative tapas with lots of character.

Photo of Tickets Bar restaurant.


  • Alkimia


Jordi Vilà, one of the best qualified chefs in the city, is the creator of Alkimia, a restaurant witch is prototype of industrial elegance. His cuisine, minimalist and distinguished, is an indispensable place for the elite of Barcelona.

Photo of El Viajero – El País.


  • Koy Shunka


Japanese cuisine experts call Koy Shunka the best Japanese restaurant in town. The creativity appears in the meals which use the best raw material of the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo of Koy Shunka restaurant.


  • Roca Moo


This restaurant, advised by the Roca brothers and directed by chef Juan Pretel, is located in the luxurious and minimalist Omm hotel in Barcelona. The culinary experience witch is lived in Roca Moo is one of the most refined in the city, where the cuisine combines tradition, innovation and current events.

Photo of Roca Moo restaurant.


  • Pakta


In Quechua, the language of indigenous Peruvians, “Pakta” represents the “Union”. This project was born from the hand of Albert Adrià and symbolizes the perfect union between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Inspired by the Japanese and Peruvian style, Pakta is a minimalist zen restaurant that has achieved the best “Nikkei” cuisine in the whole city.

Photo of Pakta restaurant.