The keys to selling a luxury flat in Barcelona

claves sobre cómo vender pisos en barcelona

Selling a luxury apartment in Barcelona is no easy task. It is necessary to take various factors into account to find a buyer for your home, and above all, for the negotiation to be smooth and for both parties to be satisfied with the result. At BCN Advisors, we have prepared a list of key tips for selling a luxury apartment in Barcelona.

Good service

You must be very conscious of how important it is to offer the right service. You should treat potential buyers with care, present the right appearance and attitude, and you have to know how to clarify their possible doubts quickly. You must have enough time, patience and knowledge to create good publicity, and coordinate visits with the interested parties properly.

At BCN Advisors, we know that being able to negotiate offers properly and obtaining the right documentation that will be necessary for signing contracts is one of the keys to selling a luxury apartment.


The price is also a very important factor to bear in mind when you decide to sell a luxury apartment in Barcelona. It is essential that it is consistent with the market, bearing in mind that there will subsequently be some negotiation with the prospective client. For this, a prior valuation your property is essential: there are homes on the market at 20% or even 30% more than their correct value. This may delay the sale of your luxury apartment and harm the image of the property.

Good condition

Although you have been living in the flat for years, that does not mean that it is a property that is ready to move into. You should check the entire flat to be able to sell it as such: the doors and windows, walls, furniture, fittings, etc.

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One of the key factors in selling a luxury apartment in Barcelona is to get the potential buyer’s attention. Good images are essential for doing this, because the client will look at your photos on the Internet or through the agency. The photographs must be able to convey the feeling of luxury and sophistication. At BCN Advisors, we recommend showing the house in a different way, while highlighting its benefits and positive points.

Reaching the client

Another key factor in selling luxury apartments involves finding potential clients. This is not always as easy as it is with other types of properties. It is important to have a good client portfolio for this reason. In the luxury real estate agency BCN Advisors, we have a marvellous database of people interested in luxury flats to be able to offer them the opportunity to purchase. It is also essential to have good channels for dissemination: a website and advertisements in the main real estate portals.