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1 Luxury Commercial to long term rental in Barcelona City


Moderno restaurante en alquiler en Eixample con licencia de terraza

3.000 €/month
Area: 100 Area: La Dreta Type: Commercial Reference: BCN064045894
  • superficie interior 100 m²
  • dormitorios disponibles 1
  • baños disponibles 2
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Bcn Advisors, your real estate agency to rent high standing commercial premises in Barcelona

If you have in mind to open your own business or change your current location and you are looking for a place to set up, in Bcn Advisors we will help you find the business premises that best suit your needs.

Our professionals know the commercial needs that may arise for each specific client. This, together with the specific knowledge of the commercial premises rental market in Barcelona that we have acquired over time, allows us to offer the best guidelines for any business seeking premises.

How do I choose the best area to rent a luxury commercial premise in Barcelona?

The location communicates an image about your company and can be directly related to the status of your company. Each area has its own characteristics and consideration, but you must also take into account other factors such as the type of activity of the shops in the area or how easy it is for potential customers to find it.

Another key factor to be analysed is the commercial exposure of the street where the premises are located. In this sense, we must know statistics on the number of people who pass through it daily. Regarding the features of the premises, a large window display with windows will help us to have greater prominence and visibility.

What factors can help me to improve the visibility of the store?

If the company provides services to private customers and receives visitors constantly, a shop at street level is the best option. It is advisable to observe how the business would be seen from different positions, to ensure that there are no barriers that could hinder the vision of signs, shop windows, banners, etc.

Did you know that a traffic light or zebra crossing located next to a shop can mean 50% more visits, and that corner shops are ideal for businesses that need a significant projection, but can be a double-edged sword for those who do not need it so much? In Bcn Advisors we will advise you on these and many other questions due to our extensive 15 years experience in the luxury real estate sector.

Transport means to access the high standing business premises

Nearby public transport is also another important factor to consider if we aspire to become a point of reference beyond the people who pass by on foot, and also to gain the loyalty of those people who live elsewhere but who pass by the shop every day for work purposes.

Access by car must also be taken into account. But be careful, it's not always a guarantee, since the senses of circulation can turn an area that is already busy into a complicated area to access by private vehicle. Available parking, whether on the surface or in private car parking areas, is also important.

What are the commercial premises for rent at Bcn Advisors like?

The interior of the commercial premises is also important depending on the business activity that you want to develop. If there are few obstacles or barriers inside, it will be much easier to create a space tailored to the business. At Bcn Advisors we have luxury commercial premises with personality, which often maintain original construction details such as wooden carpentry or hydraulic floors.

You can choose between large commercial premises with or without street exposure, with an upper mezzanine floor to be used for the commercial objectives you want, and with private interior space. This is very useful for companies that want to establish a mixed place for an office and for personal commercial attention.

Frequently Asked Questions about renting a luxury commercial premise in Barcelona


In which Barcelona's districts can I rent commercial premises with Bcn Advisors?

We specialize in the Eixample (La Dreta, L'Esquerra and Sagrada Família), Ciutat Vella (Gòtic, Born and Raval) and Zona Alta (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Pedralbes, Les Corts and Gràcia).

I own luxury commercial premises. How does Bcn Advisors help me to rent them?

Our professionals' team will identify potential clients and promote your property through our network of contacts, clients, portals and our own website.

What documentation do I need to rent commercial premises?

The title deeds, the corporate tax declaration and the last income tax declaration of the owner or legal representative.

How is the rental agreement for commercial premises concluded?

When the conditions agreement has been closed (date of entry and price), it will be necessary to make the reservation of the same through the "deposit".

Is the "deposit" returned once the agreement has been signed?

This amount, which is equivalent to one month's rent, is deducted from the payment to be made by the tenant to the owner of the property.