Valgreen and Bcn Advisors; a High Standing alliance in Real Estate

Bcn Advisors is proud to announce a new strategic alliance, in Barcelona, ​​with property developer Valgreen


Who is who?

Valgreen has been at the forefront of turnkey housing development in recent years. Their experienced team gathers architects, interior designers, designers, builders and investment consultants. They are experts in full refurbishments, decoration and / or creation of new construction projects.

Their unique projects are located in the coveted Eixample area, and stand out for being

flexible, versatile and sustainable housing projects of contemporary architecture. Essential features are: natural light, careful interior design, natural and noble materials, and the preservation of the original elements, combined with the most current and highest quality finishes and details.

“Whether in the design, construction or delivery aspect of each project, Valgreen Homes boasts highly creative and technical in-company profiles who work as one team to design and execute each of the turnkey projects we create. This is how we guarantee quality and time control, as well as cost optimization ”, says José Valverde, CEO of Valgreen.


For now 15 years, Bcn Advisors has been the specialist of Luxury Real Estate in Barcelona. Our team of experts and consultants are driven by meeting and satisfying our customers´ needs, and offering quality products and state-of-the art services.  Bcn Advisors has positioned itself as a leading agency on Barcelona´s market: our experience in all aspects of sales and purchases, marketing, sales strategies, and customer advice, has gained us our reputation. We excel in implementing market intelligence and positioning our sales strategies adequately.

Objectives and roles

Both Valgreen and Bcn Advisors seek excellence in their daily work and continuous improvement and development.

The partnership between the two companies offers investors full peace of mind by providing excellent advice and assistance at all stages of the purchase, construction and project management, at all levels: design, architecture and decoration, until the final delivery. Buyers also benefit, since when buying a property, it adapts much better to their needs and they get much more for their money.

This partnership diverges from traditional real estate projects and sales patterns: from the very beginning of the process, it focuses on the buyer, the end receiver. Each property type has a unique customer type, and each customer type a unique way to the property.   Both partners complement each other perfectly by bringing into the project its mastery in its own field.

Valgreen contributes in architecture, interior design and promotion; Bcn Advisors brings in business strategy and market intelligence.

Valgreen real estate developers choose the product, and refurbish it for the end buyer, while Bcn Advisors procures market knowledge and advice as to market preferences in terms of layouts and functionalities, according to neighborhoods and property types, as well as sales strategies. Bcn Advisors also provides possible investments sources, and full commercial support for clients of all nationalities.


“We are delighted to have secured this strategic alliance with Valgreen,” says Bcn Advisors CEO Francisco Sk. Nathurmal “This alliance allows us to enter real estate projects, even before the purchase of the property to be developed, and offers more value at the level of market intelligence and marketing strategies. This gives investors more security and provides Valgreen with more criteria and feedbabck to work from and develop with, while focusing on the end customer’s needs.”


Satisfaction and exceeding customer requirements and expectations are at the heart of this alliance, that focuses on developing unique urban projects and properties, with cutting-edge green credentials. Whatever the project or the clients´ requisites, the intention is to bring the real estate business to the highest levels of professioanl support and excellence that demanding and forward-looking clients can expect in the dynamic market of the 21st century.