Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Sant Jordi is undoubtedly one of the biggest parties for the Catalans. Celebrated especially in Barcelona, this festival comes loaded with legend, courage, culture and love.

As many already know, this feast commemorates the battle of Sant Jordi with the fearsome dragon that stalked the village of Montblanc and, when the beast was defeated by the knight, there grew a rose bush from which red roses flourished.

Out of a combination of legend and symbolism, the tradition is born of giving a red rose symbolizing passion, and a spike representing fertility. Tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and together with the book fair held in many other cities in the world, makes this festival a unique and special day for all.

From here you can access all the cultural programming that will take place in the city of Barcelona during these dates, in which we can find from open days, to literary dialogues, musical performances or different activities in the different neighborhoods: Sant Jordi 2017