Thanks to the 10 years of real estate experience at Bcn Advisors and the exclusive properties that we sell, we have generated an unbeatable network of high-level national and international contacts on both the client as well as owner side of the business. This allows us to offer great investment opportunities, getting a real and safe ROI in the city of Barcelona.

We focus on property for investment and profitability such as buildings to remodel, both residential and commercial, offices, premises, hotels and other types of real estate assets, tertiaries and profitability.

The investment team at Bcn Advisors is characterized by working as consultants specialized in financial product and market analysis in the tertiary sector. Our team stands out for its extensive preparation on the economic as well as financial level, product analysis, consulting of financial and investing vehicle to be adopted.


Why invest in Barcelona?

Since 2014 Barcelona has shown a great growth of demand for investment properties. So we can consider that we are living a very interesting time for the sale of real estate property in the city.

The interest has gradually turned from offices to hotels, following the increase in tourism and the wide appeal of Barcelona, placing the city as one of the most attractive to visit in Europe, after London and Paris, attracting more than 7.5 million tourists annually. This tourist demand has led to a dramatic increase of changes in land use, from office buildings to hotels, contributing to lower the rate of offices vacated in the city. This phenomenon has also been extended to obsolete buildings, intended now for the hotel activity highly demanded by major hotel groups.

Another type of real estate most in demand are the business premises, especially those located in high street as well as Shopping Centres. In this sector have arisen battles between the big brands, always competing for the areas of more traffic, and looking to expose their brands through a new experience for the consumer that marks the difference with respect to the competition.

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