Sale and Rent of Offices in Barcelona

At Bcn Advisors, we specialize in rentals, sales and searches of offices of varying sizes located in Barcelona and the surrounding areas. We negotiate spaces for offices and answer all your questions, providing real estate solutions for the small, medium and large enterprises.

Thanks to our team of experts you will be able to obtain the advice and we will walk you through the entire process of rent and/or sale, by performing the accurate assessment of the assets you are interested in.

We also offer more personalized services as office staging or custom advice, for each one of our clients.

We also have a large portfolio of companies and customers that rely on us for their office search, and who trust us to help them find the best fit for their requirements.

Bcn Advisors manages everything regarding the necessary documents, as well as audits the interested tenants and offers advice during the whole process of delivery of property on rent or sale.

Search for Office

Bcn Advisors offers a service of custom search for offices (Office Finder) that will help find the new home for your company.
An important part of the success of your company is the result of having an adequate space for the daily activity. For this reason, and thanks to the service of custom advice that we offer, we start by giving you an analysis of the requirements of the properties available that will suit your needs, taking into account the conditions of the environment. From this analysis, as well as the extensive knowledge of the market and the great scope of our network of partners, we will advise you throughout the process of search and adjustment of your new office.

Bcn Advisors counts with a dynamic team, with the backup of outstanding professionals with a solid success, both within and outside of the real estate sector. We understand the importance of providing customized solutions according to your needs. So that our team of experts will help you to find the solution that best suits your needs, by undertaking everything that is necessary throughout the process, especially at the time of the negotiation in order to find the best market options.

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