Bcn Advisors has houses in the Maresme, for sale and rent.

It is worth mentioning the extensive portfolio of national and international buyers that we have.

We have a wide network of Marketing & Partners channels, at both the national and the international level, being very selective with the product with which we work. That allows us to have a greater projection within the real estate market in the world

Bcn Advisors has a very dynamic team, with the support of great successful professionals. We understand that purchasing a property is a great excitement and that is why we strive each day to meet the expectations of those who have placed their trust in us. You will receive from our team, all the necessary advice from the beginning to the end of the process of purchasing or selling a property.


Why the Maresme?

The Maresme is a very good area to live because of its proximity to Barcelona, with good communications and the attraction of being next to the sea.

In addition, it has services of very good quality. All this tends to make people to feel this region as a place to live quietly and pleasantly, typical of a town and at the same time enjoy the advantages of a big city such as Barcelona.

If you would like to sell, purchase or start a project to search for your new home in the Maresme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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