Indulge in a Luxurious Property in Barcelona

If you are eager to buy a luxurious residential property, Barcelona is the perfect place to invest. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid and considered one of the most beautiful. A cosmopolitan and energetic city, Barcelona is a leading tourist destination known for its bustling economy and cultural diversity.

Its contributions in commerce, fashion, design, art, scientific and medical innovation, mobile telecom, and cuisine have made Barcelona one of the world’s major global cities.

Barcelona is famous for its exquisite architecture and avant-garde urban design. Property can be purchased at reasonable prices, becoming a perfect investment for the short and long term.

Why choose your luxury apartment and property in Barcelona

Whether looking for an apartment or a house, property Barcelona has plenty of exclusive & luxury real estate properties for a range of budgets. There are numerous real estate agencies and companies available that provide property related services, but if you are looking for quality and efficient services coupled with the most exclusive, elegant, edgy & luxury properties, flats or houses either for rent or for sale then the right place for you is Bcn Advisors.

Bcn Advisors is a well established and government registered company running strong since 2005. Our company specializes in providing real estate services for the sale and rent of high end properties in Barcelona. Whatever you are looking for, Bcn Advisors provides the best quality services available on the market.

We maintain the highest standards and provide outstanding client services by performing acquisition market research, continually updating our company’s data based on changing market trends, providing legal advice about the purchasing process, and guaranteeing the most current analysis of sale and rental properties in the market.

Bcn Advisors takes care of each and every detail of the real estate business so you know you are in safe hands when looking for that special property Barcelona.

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Within the company we provide a 360-degree service for final buyers and investors to help handle the necessary renovations, upkeeps and rental strategy of the property in Barcelona. Many of our customers who are looking to buy and lease are very happy as we have the best rental division in Barcelona when it comes to efficiency and service.

We also provide this same service for large investments and purchases of buildings that have been purchased to lease.

Best buyer agent services in Barcelona

Bcn Advisors provides sale agent & as well as buyer agent services that are tailor made for each of our customers in order to insure the best quality of service and experience when buying a property in Barcelona. Before starting the search process we provide a detailed briefing to our International Customers so they can act local.

Our briefing sessions provide a good introduction to the areas of Barcelona, type of properties and services in each of these areas and the best Barcelona real estate options and alternatives available in the market.

For our clients’ convenience, we have developed a 24/7 online portal, which contains information, data and pictures of all the properties available through Bcn Advisors.

You can find us at Our highly trained and experienced staff is always ready to provide the support and know-how you require.

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We are very satisfied with the service received by the team of Bcn Advisors. Their professionalism, seriousness and enthusiasm have been key for the success of purchasing of our new home.


I am very pleased to have made the purchase of my new home with Bcn Advisors. Both in the first assessments as well as in the negotiations process, they have been very resolutive.