The new residency law adopted by the government of Spain in September 2013, has provided automatic access to a Visa Residency in Spain, popularly know as “Golden Visa”, for those individuals who invest a minimum of 500,000 euros in properties located in our country. This is a unique window of opportunity that the Spanish Government has opened up, offering the opportunity for non-EU investors to become a Spanish Resident by obtaining the Spanish Residency Permit.

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  • We will explain the entire process of the Spanish Golden Visa, from beginning to end, informing you about such details such as costs or period of time it will take to get the Visa Residency.
  • We will also help guide you through property search process to finding the ideal Real Estate Investment or Leisure Property in Barcelona that best fits the requirements you specify to us.
  • Through our specialized parterns we will offer in depth legal advice on regulations and rules of applying for the Spanish Residency Visa, as well as tax or any other topics that might be considered necessary for their application for the Golden Visa.

We will be delighted to guide you throughout the Golden Visa Residency process and help you find your new home or Real Estate Investment in Barcelona.

For further information you can contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your inquires or put you in touch with one of our specialized partner so they can assist you with your questions or doubts about the Spanish Residency Visa.


The following are the minimum requirements you must have to apply:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have no type of criminal record in your country or in Spain.
  • Have entered Spain legally.
  • Provide proof of ownership of health insurance for Spain, regardless of whether it is public or private.
  • Not having been refused entry to any other Schengen country.
  • Being financially independent and providing proof that you can cover personal and family expenses.
  • Owning real estate for a total minimum net investment of 500,000 € and providing proof by a certificate from the Spanish Registry of Property.


As most of you already know Spain offers a unique way of live full of colors and cultural richness. Our country is considered one of the best places in the world when it comes to offering high quality of life, amazing food and social life style as well as lots of Sun. Its excellent climate, culture, gastronomy as well as tourism make Spain a perfect place to live in and invest in.

This new Golden Visa Residency permit provides benefits such as these listed below:

  • Total freedom of movement, unfettered by 26 European countries.
  • Ability to remain in Spain for a maximum of 1 year instead of 90 days, before having to renew the permit.
  • The family (spouse and children under 18) may apply simultaneously or prior to the initial application.
  • Once you access the Visa Residence permits you can then renew it for an additional 2 years more, provided that the investment of 500,000 euros maintained. This opens to door to applying for a permanent residence in the long term.
  • Access to an excellent education through our International Schools.
  • Low rates of corporation tax, for smaller SMEs and Non- Resident companies are exempt, being subject only to tax.


Can you invest by opening a business?

Yes, it is an option provided by law.

Can I invest in a commercial property?

Yes, there is no restriction on the type of property purchased.

When you sell your property, is the Visa Residency Permit Lost?

When the property that has given the buyer the right to apply for the residence is sold, the buyer may not be able to renew the Spanish Golden Visa permit when it expires.

Can I obtain citizenship through the Golden Visa residence?

Yes, you can obtain citizenship provided the applicant can demonstrate that he has resided permanently in Spain for more than 183 days a year for the minimum period necessary.

Is it possible to get local financing?

Yes, but it´s mandatory that you make a minimum investment of 500,000 euros and the rest you can access through local funding if necessary.

Do the non-EU investors must have health insurance?

Yes, potential investors and their spouses and children under 18 must demonstrate that they have a public or private health insurance with coverage in Spanish territory.

My children are also entitled to the residence?

Yes, they are granted residency to children under 18.

Would you be granted residence if my partner are not married?

The law uses the word "spouse" but surely also recognize unmarried partners duly registered in the country of origin.