About Us

Bcn Advisors was founded in 2005 with the aim of satisfying the needs of clients and owners, in the luxury real estate market, who were seeking for a more personalized and advise oriented service. One of the main purposes of this new "venture" was to meet these needs from a different perspective, by a team of people unrelated to the real estate sector, who could bring lots of fresh and innovative ideas to revolutionize the market. Another essential element of this new project was to make “the difference” through the use of new technologies in an industry with a low exposure to technology.

When Bcn Advisors was founded, the initial team was composed of a group of very motivated people with little exposure to the real estate industry. The group had a variety of backgrounds such as marketing, economics, finance and technology among others. The big challenge was to merge all processes and structured procedures attain from our previous areas of expertise into a company operating in the real estate segment. After many challenges and lots of effort, Bcn Advisors has become one of the leading companies in the Barcelona luxury real estate market.

Despite our privileged position, we think we have a long way to go to expose our philosophy of work and quality of service in the housing market. Furthermore, our goal is to increase the number of satisfied clients, operations and properties as well as achieve better coverage of all areas in Barcelona and its surroundings. These challenges make us feel alive and very committed to move forward in our zeal to excel and continue developing our work philosophy based on:

• Dedication to our work

• The effectiveness to solve operations

• The high quality of service and advice to our clients

• The careful selection of excellent real estate products and their production

• Knowledge of the housing market

• Applying innovation in everything we do